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Purpose: Culture and Philanthropy

At HOKA, we know we fly higher when we fly together. Read on for some examples of organizations and causes we support:

A More Equitable Future

HOKA and Deckers are committed to fighting against both overt and systemic racism, and affirm that racism and discrimination in any form is unwelcome in our organization or by our partners.

Together, the Deckers family of brands has donated $500,000 to the NAACP, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the ACLU Foundation, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Black Lives Matter Global Network Initiative and the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research. HOKA has made additional donations to the Equal Justice Initiative, A Precious Child and The National Urban League. These organizations advocate against systemic and overt racism, provide direct relief to communities of color affected by institutional racism, and provide educational resources for those learning about allyship.

HOKA and Deckers are also committed to addressing representation and diversity in our own workforce by evaluating and improving our internal practices, investing in education for our employees, and continuing to build a more inclusive workplace. We humbly recognize this is just the start, but we are committed to addressing and working through the steps necessary to create a more equitable future. Because we know we fly higher when we fly together. It’s time to do better. It’s Time to Fly – together. #timetofly

Representation, Access, and Amplifying Voices

At HOKA, we seek to empower a world of athletes to fly over the Earth. That means every athlete, no matter what “flying” means to them. We believe running, fitness, walking, and the outdoors are for everyone, and strive to make that a reality.

We seek to amplify all voices through unique and inspirational storytelling, conveying how organizations such as Black Girls Trekkin’ and Native Women’s Wilderness provide access and inspiration, as well as how they are fighting to dispel restrictive notions of who runs, walks, works out, or enjoys the outdoors. By telling the stories of athletes such as Shirin Gerami, Joseph Gray and Sam Holness, we seek out and share the common humanity we share as athletes, no matter our ability or goals. To learn more, visit the three chapters of our Time to Fly™ storytelling series: Time to Reimagine, Time to Challenge the Status Quo, and Time to Fly Together. (link to LP for chs. 1, 2 and 3)

In addition to portraying a diverse selection of athletes in our marketing materials – spreading the message that these activities, and by extension, our products, are for everyone – HOKA partnered with The Outbound for their 2019 “Everyone Outside” initiative, funding several passes to The Outbound’s Pursuit Series experience for individuals from BIPOC communities in the outdoors, as well as creating content for the series. With the support of HOKA and other industry partners, The Outbound launched the #EveryoneOutside Initiative in 2019 to amplify and empower BIPOC voices.

Additional current partnerships include:


RONMAN® is one of the most recognizable names in triathlon; HOKA is a proud sponsor of this race series as well as the efforts of the IRONMAN® Foundation to make a positive impact in those communities in which the races are held. Additionally, the IRONMAN® Group, in partnership with the IRONMAN® Foundation, founded the Race for Change, an initiative to promote diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce, racing participants and host communities of IRONMAN®. Visit

Back On My Feet

Back On My Feet (BOMF) is an organization that harnesses the power of running and community to help people transition out of homelessness. From their vision statement: “if you first restore confidence, strength and self-esteem, individuals are better equipped to tackle the road ahead.” HOKA’s donations to BOMF have directly supported their programming and, more recently, have gone to support BIPOC members of the organization through their financial aid program.

Big City Mountaineer

Big City Mountaineers (BCM) works “alongside the transformative powers of Mother Nature to leave a lasting impact on the lives of under-resourced youth. [Their] wilderness expeditions bring kids out of their comfort zones and into the wild, where they develop the confidence needed for more promising futures.” HOKA’s recent donation to BCM directly supports their Leadership Development Program, which provides students of color with opportunities for deeper engagement with BCM to support their personal and professional development.

Camber Outdoors

Camber Outdoors is a nonprofit working to promote and support “inclusion, equity and diversity in the active-outdoor industries.” HOKA joined Camber Outdoors as a corporate partner in 2018, and Deckers CEO Dave Powers signed their CEO Outdoor Equity Pledge, committing to advancing equity, inclusion and diversity at an industry level.

Run 4 All Women

Run 4 All Women uses running as a vehicle for social change. Founded in 2017 when four women ran the 252 miles from Harlem, NYC to Washington, DC in time for the Women’s March – raising $100,000 for women’s reproductive rights along the way – R4AW utilized a brand ambassador program ahead of the 2018 midterms to lead voter registration drives and get-out-the-vote efforts for progressive candidates in key states. R4AW seeks to “empower people to be the change they seek” in 2020 and beyond.

Meaning Thru Movement Tour

HOKA proudly supported the Meaning Thru Movement Tour, a series of virtual events designed to promote both fitness and mental health hosted by HOKA Global Athlete Ambassador Alison Mariella Désir. A globally-recognized fitness advocate, mental health professional and community activist, Alison seeks to make these important conversations more accessible to communities across the US through her tour.

Additional Deckers Corporate Giveback

Update in October when new numbers are out in FY19, Deckers donated $1,332,344 to 141 non-profit organizations in the areas of community, education, environment and family & children.

Empowering The Future

HOKA sponsors a Postal Nationals program, a national championship time-trial event for high school cross-country teams that allows any and all teams in the country to compete for a national title and the chance to have a HOKA athlete act as a guest coach during the season. In addition, HOKA launched the Summer Miles Club in 2020, which encourages high school athletes to record their training throughout the summer and provides a community of other athletes to share their training. HOKA is developing new programming to reach more youth athletics and empower people across the country from a young age to move.