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Our Environment

Climate and Clean Energy

We measure energy consumption at Deckers’ corporate headquarters and Moreno Valley distribution center. Most emissions come from our production process, so we also monitor key supply chain partners’ energy usage globally and set reduction targets for them.

Carbon and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We recently transitioned footwear production from China to Vietnam, where factories emphasize hydroelectricity, which reduces emissions. Furthermore, our restricted substances policy limits use by our partners of substances that have an environmental impact.


At Deckers headquarters in Goleta, California, we conserve water through low-flow fixtures, which saves approximately 350,000 gallons of water a year. All water flowing onto our campus follows a culvert system into a nearby wetland restoration area. We also monitor water usage by our supply chain partners, where most of our water is used.


Our Moreno Valley, California distribution center is a nearly zero-waste facility. We have used 3D printing and design to work through drafts of products, reducing and in some cases eliminating the need to sample production and shipping. Additionally, we measure waste output by our supply chain partners and are working with them to put plans in place to reduce waste.