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Our Materials

We are always seeking sustainable alternatives for key materials. Read more about our materials portfolio below:

Leather Working Group Certified Leather

All leathers used in our products are sourced from tanneries certified by Leather Working Group, which maintains protocalls promoting sustainable practices in the leather industry.


Since 2017, HOKA has reduced waste and use in the following amounts in our packaging:


pounds of CO2


gallons of water


gallons of fossil fuel


pounds of packaging

HOKA shoe boxes are made from materials that are as recycling-friendly as possible, and include instructions showing consumers how to recycle packaging. Our upcoming apparel line with utilize packaging that minimizes waste and recycles easily.

We conducted a packaging materials lifestyle assessment and were able to further determine areas for improvement, including an increased use of Forest Stewardship Council paper and reduced plastic use.

Vegan Products

You can find our products made completely without animal products here.